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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Aug 19, 2009 4:08am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: More: Software Manipulation and Complexity 'ad nauseum'

Please call me Peter.

The honest truth is, I began in electronic computers in 1982, in 1969 I built myself a computer (telephone relays and drum memory), up to 3 years ago I was the guy always called in to fix computers, people were amazed at how fast I worked, I always have a helper in my head, with whom I would verbally discuss that STUPID computer sitting in front of me, and its later tricks.

The computer owners would sit there watching and listening, the mouse would be bouncing around flat out, on screen menus popping up left right an centre, applications opening, error logs displaying, they saw areas on their PC they never knew they had, once a PC refused to do what the mouse and keyboard was telling it to do, so I rudely woke up the PC by pressing the one button I knew it would respond to, that was the CD player tray opening button, I used the WWW to get drivers, info on settings, no PC ever won the a battle with me, stubborn PCs, I popped open the case, and changed cables, settings, I found work arounds, once I even got into a PC that refused password entry, via a networked PC.

I threaten to Windows them if they don't behave (Windows them==throw them out the nearest closed window.

I go into BIOS and explore, no area of a PC has ever missed my curiosity.

I used to write programs in BASIC, not that the business type simulation had any play value, it was a mind exercise for me, to MAKE my computer do what I wanted, have you ever heard of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum? (A version was sold in the USA under the Timex label

A Spectrum had 40KB RAM for everything, 7KB more for the screen (a TV) and 1-KB for system variables. A 16-KB Rom had what was needed, to make it work. No HDD, just audio tape for DATA and software, it all had to go onto RAM at the beginning, no dial up modem, no network, a toy printer, or at 50% of the basic computer I added a serial printer interface, at twice the cost of the basic computer, I bought the cheapest useful black only, ribbon inked 8 pin dot matrix printer, when it broke down, it took 6 months for the supplier to get a part under warranty, into NZ.

The printer interface, also had network ability, 64 Spectrum's could be daisy chained (Meant for schools)but I could also add ZX Microdrives, up to 8 daisy chained. Each had a removable floppy tape cartridge, one cartridge costing half a weeks wage for for me, each had 100 inches of recording tape, holding 90KB of data any point of which I could access with a fraction of a seconds, the drives were meant to be used like floppy disks, BUT I treated them as HDDs (IN those days, today's 1GB would have cost millions of $)Nobody else used them my way, because the Spectrum was not multitasking, every time my software loaded a new sub routine, It had to merge into my BASIC program, while also overwriting, so if I had a oddly numbered line, not duplicated in the subroutine, things went slightly wonky. (lines were normally numbered in steps of 10, i.e. 10, 20 30, so if needed, I could add line 25 later to fix a mistake or add a feature.

My simulation reached 200KB of coding, running from 4 microdrives, using a second Spectrum as only a RAM drive (That those days Spectrum's could only dress a maximum of 64KB of memory, any more, was treated as a RAM Drive, like a HDD today. those days Clive Sinclair (whom I suspect had Asperiger's like me) wanted to build a HDD drive for home users, the HDDs then cost millions, he planned to use solid state drive, hopeing for a One MB Drive. Him and others were working on it, but gave up, it was impossible to make a microchip of one MB without errors, they even tried 2-Mb and burning out the bad sections so they had a decent one MB left over.

I was very hopeful, but they failed. (Can you still buy 1-MB flash cards today? thats what Clive tried to make and failed)

My first Amiga, I was totally amazed that I was getting 500-MB RAM, and 180KB floppy drives, pretty soon I added two extra floppy drives, DF0 for the OS, DF1 for the application DF2 for the data, then I upgraded to a one MB Ram Amiga. MY first PC had an amazing 64 MB RAM Win 98 and 4 GB HDD which I never thought I would grow out of. Then 4-GB become too small, I upgraded to Windows ME, then the virus battles began, i needed more and more resources for virus checking and firewalls. 4 GB was too limiting. the 64 MB soon ran out, I went to a 40GB HDD 500 MB Ram Windows XP, soon I added in the biggest HDD I could get, a 80-GB and expanded my RAM to One GB. I added Broadband, so the Whole Wide World, was in affect, on my own HDD, I added more firewall power, my time increased for PC maintenance, I added another 360GB HDD, two more PCs on a network, lazor printer, colour inkjet (2 of) scanners, I got cables eveywhere.

last week I added Satilight TV (Freeview)I put up the dish, ran cables, then I discovered the connectors at each end were faulty, not wanting to go out and get new ones, within an hour, both connecters had been well and truly hacked, instead of screws, the cable was soldered in, and to put the connectors back together, I drilled out the centre of each.

I have now two dishes to set up for friends, I already get called in to set up DVD players (My friends have to buy used)and I am able to run DVD players into very old TVs, via medium age VRCs. I am the man of choice, to fix telephones, just recently my 20 year old washing machine (I bought used 20-years ago) became too much of a pain to keep going, so I switched it with a used one I bought 5 years ago, they look different, but they are exactly the same, I had to swop over parts.

I got solar panels, almost ready to add wind power, people are always asking me for info, if I don't have it in my head, its minutes only to get it off the WWW, I find things that other people can not, I know the most obscure sources for information.

I also distribute information I collect, to valorous networks.

This afternoon, I received my official letter from a Specialist, one of only 2 in NZ able to assess adults for Asperigers, he confirmed as valid, my photographic memory, my IQ, my problem solving ability's, my ability to collate, and hyperlink information in my head, he labelled me as a researcher. (Brasses me off, because I am a technology wizz first)

This evening I phoned my ISP faults Centre using the special 0800 I have been given, told the rep my ID number, told him to read the Flash (Alert) about my issues communicating, then the rep recorded my information about fixing Firefox after the Archive's FLASH issues, he put all this info onto a file for all the reps to refer to, then he asked me one question, very relevant to everything I say above.

What is FLASH?

My answer, I DON'T know, whatever it is, its the BIGGEST PAIN IN THE BUTT that I have ever come across.

Skies, NO WAY do I recommend FLASH to anybody, BUT THE MATTER IS TAKEN OUT OF OUR HANDS by so-called more clued up people, whom need to justify their highly paid pay packets, its forced onto us we HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER AT ALL.

I don't recommend FLASH to anybody, if I recommended that you stop breathing, could and would you? Well FLASH is the same on your PC.

No FLASH, your PC would very soon be useless to you.


A very brassed off Peter, too old to keep up any more.

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Poster: skies Date: Aug 19, 2009 7:17am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: More: Software Manipulation and Complexity 'ad nauseum'

Dear Peter TT:I am proud to know a great intelligence who knows stuff I could never learn .But it sure would be too far away ,overseas , to come fix my technical gears if needed be !!!. you can find things others can't ?Would knowmost obscur sources of infos ? Euh ,you mean mostly about PCs and technical gears ? Otherwise I'll regret we didn't meet decades ago ,your sound advice might have tip me save me from big hassles with jerks crossing my path in my younger days ,ha,ha,ha !!!

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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Aug 20, 2009 2:43am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: More: Software Manipulation and Complexity 'ad nauseum'

Visit the above 2 SAFE web sites, and sign up for the freebies, like newsletters, that way you can learn to fix basic issues with your computer.

And try out the following, but that might be pay for, albeit, a very low cost, for all you can eat. (eat===download)

Good night